Renewable Energy Systems

Off Grid Stand Alone Hybrid Systems (Turnkey Solutions)

Global Protection Systems builds custom, turnkey off-grid stand-alone hybrid power systems, using products and materials that will excel and survive in harsh Australian environments with continued optimal performance.

But before we sell you a system we will monitor your energy consumption with data-logging equipment to ensure the design is tailored to suit your individual needs.

No system is too small or large and we install, and provide ongoing maintenance, anywhere in WA.

We understand that installing solar and batteries can require significant upfront costs upfront to get long term benefits and this can be a challenge for some businesses.

We don’t want anyone to go without solar, in order to enable as many customers to go green and displace as much diesel as possible we offer two ways to have one of our renewable energy systems designed, built, delivered and installed to your property.

You can purchase the system outright and own all the savings over the life of the asset, or can enter into a lease where we will install the system and sell you the green energy at a reduced rate.

See the comparison below to see which model will work best for you!

System OwnershipCustomer
Savings from SolarCustomer
Diesel Costs (Hybrid Systems)Customer
Phone SupportFree for 7 Years
On Site SupportNot included
Ongoing MaintenanceNot included
Parts WarrantyAs per Manufacturer
Labour WarrantyFree for 7 years
System MonitoringAccess to Both Parties
Environmental BenefitGreenhouse Gas Emissions Reduced!

System Ownership

Global Protection Systems (option to purchase at term end)

Savings from Solar


Diesel Costs (Hybrid Systems)


Phone Support

Unlimited for term of Lease

On Site Support

Unlimited for term of Lease

Ongoing Maintenance

Free for term of Lease

Parts Warranty

Free for term of Lease

Labour Warranty

Free for term of Lease

System Monitoring

Free for term of Lease

Environmental Benefit

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduced!

Electric Vehicle Charging
Renewable Electric Vehicle Charging

Renewable Electric Vehicle Charging

If you own a roadhouse, any type of accommodation services, food and drink outlet, tourist attraction or any other business where a customer may spend an hour or two you can sell kilowatt-hours and help get more solar-powered electric vehicles onto our roads.

The uptake of electric vehicles is increasing each year and the transition to sustainable transport has started. Even the WA Government has set a 25 per cent electric vehicle target for new light and small passenger, and small and medium SUV government fleet vehicles by 2025/26.

The more electric vehicles start to hit our road the more charging stations will be required and this has the potential to both impact electric networks positively and negatively.

Western Power and Synergy are working together to deliver a network of charging stations that will support both EV owners and Western Power’s grid.

However, there will still be gaps in remote and regional areas and this presents a business opportunity particularly for WA and on major tourist routes.

Talk to us today about how the provision of public EV charging infrastructure can add value to your business and to your customers.

System Leasing

Global Protection Systems offers a leasing model so you don’t have to invest your capital to get the benefits of solar.

We invest our own capital in the asset and then charge you a fair amount for the energy you use.

System maintenance is included over the term of the lease and if any parts fail outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period then we replace them free of charge.

Both parties benefit:
– You will still save compared to your current costs and have no risk in terms of system upkeep
– We recoup our costs and make our margin over the terms of the lease

The following terms are available.
• 10 Years
• 15 Years
• 20 Years

** All leasing packages are subject to finance approval

Power Station Leasing
System Leasing


Here’s what our clients have to say!

I can thoroughly recommend GPS. They responded rapidly to my request for a quote, installed my system in a timely and professional manner, and have provided first-class on-going support and assistance.

Their knowledge of the product is extensive and thorough, leaving no question unanswered.

Pat, Western Australia