Renewable Energy Services

Energy Consulting

The cheapest unit of energy is the one that is not consumed!

Before you invest in solar we recommend that you first assess your energy consumption and look for opportunities to operate more energy efficiently.

In order to help you reduce your energy consumption and make informed financial decisions Global Protection Systems provides the following services

  • Energy / Load Monitoring
  • Energy Assessments
  • Financial Feasibility Studies for solar PV

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Energy Consulting
Live Energy System Monitoring Service

Live Energy System Monitoring Service

Once your renewable energy power system is installed you will receive the standard online access to a system monitoring portal.

However, this is only of value if you have the time and know how to interpret the data provided.

Global Protection Systems can help you get the most out of system monitoring by providing the following services:

• Daily Monitoring of System Performance
• Monthly Performance Reports
• Early Fault Identification
• Remote Troubleshooting
• Recommendations to improve system performance through behaviour change

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Solar Maintenance

Once your renewable hybrid power system is installed it is important to conduct regular maintenance on the components to minimize downtime and keep the environment safe.

Debris around the PV array can pose a safety hazard and dust build-up on the PV modules will reduce their performance.

Some of the electronic systems will be subject to software upgrades and all electrical componentry should be inspected regularly to ensure integrity.

Batteries also require checks to ensure they are operating within their state parameters and any issues can be identified before a fault occurs.

No system is foolproof, particularly where electronics are involved and inevitability parts do fail from time to time. We have the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot efficiently and get your system back up and running as soon as possible with minimum downtime.

Global Protection Systems can help you manage all of the above through the provision of the following services
• Scheduled Maintenance Packages
• Reactive Maintenance and Repairs

If you want to ensure the longevity and performance of your renewable energy asset get in touch with us today!

Solar Maintenance
Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

We also provide a renewable energy solution for properties connected to the Horizon Power Network.

We are well versed with the constraints and engineering requirements and we work with individual property owners and Solar Farm Development proponents to deliver on the technical aspects of the project.

Global Protection Systems provides the following services

  • Connection Applications
  • Generation Management Solutions
  • Design, engineering and consultation for large scale Solar Farms

If you are looking to install solar on the Horizon Power network make sure to get in touch with us today!