About Us

At the heart of Global Protection System’s philosophy is a deep appreciation for our environment.

We are not “solar sharks” simply trying to sell you the largest possible system that will fit on your roof.

As such all of Global Protection Systems’ custom, turnkey renewable energy systems are designed using products and materials that are fit for purpose in the environment that they will be operating and performance is optimised for the lowest possible degradation over time.

So not only will you be minimising your own carbon footprint by consuming renewable energy, the embodied carbon and wastage of the earth’s precious and finite resources is minimised as our products last longer and parts need to be replaced far less often.

Our Mission

To offer the highest quality products and customer service while saving clients’ money and making a positive contribution to our environment.

Our Goal

To provide considered, genuine energy solutions that will provide the highest savings over the life of the asset and make a real difference to our planet.

Why Choose Us

Global Protection Systems specialise in the design and installation of Renewable Hybrid Power Stations.

We use only premium and the latest technology products to ensure the longevity of your investment providing the utmost protection to your assets, lifestyle and livelihood.

Global Protect Systems are not just salespeople trying to sell you the biggest system that fits on your roof. We recognise that every job is different and each energy system needs to be designed accordingly.

Every household and business uses energy in a different manner and each premises is subject to various import and export tariffs and rebates.

Before we design your energy system, will install a data logger on the premises to monitor the energy consumption profiles. Then we analyse the data and design a customised energy system to match which will ensure you receive the best payback period for your investment



Your GPS energy solution is designed using 40 years’ combined experience in the construction and solar industry



We care about environmental outcomes more than our profit

You will receive open and transparent advice

Your GPS energy solution is fit for purpose and designed for the application

We do not shy away from problems – we will rectify any issue

Genuine Service

Genuine Service & Support

You will receive 24/7 after sales service

We solve the problem first and ask questions later

We will be around for service and maintenance and repairs when others are long gone

We go where others don’t

Premium Quality

Premium Quality Products & Design

Guaranteed to last and provide you savings for longer

Engineered for the lowest possible degradation

Equipped with PV modules and batteries with the longest product performance warranties on the market

Equipped with products with the longest manufacturer’s warranties on the market

Backed by a 7-year workmanship warranty

Upcoming Service Trips

Upcoming Service Trips

Global Protection Systems supplies and services renewable energy power systems from Eucla to Darwin and everywhere in between.

In order to minimize our emissions from fuel consumption, we try to combine installations, service work and site inspections.

The map below shows our planned installation and service trips, if you would like us to call in for a site assessment then get in touch.

If your location is not on the map then drop us a line and we can advise when we are coming your way next.




Paynes Find


Youno Downs

Broken Hill


Lightning Ridge



Global Protection Systems

Our Capabilities and Qualifications

Clean Energy Council Accreditations
o Grid-Connect Design & Install (No. A7476182)
o Alone Power System (SPS) Design & Install
o Accreditation No. A7476182

We are also licensed for various tasks!
Western Australia (WA) Electrical Contractors License EC009641
ARC Split System Installation & Decommissioning Licence No. L127695
Refrigerant Trading Authorisation AU40447

Accredited Designers & Installers

Our Experience

Management Systems


Workplace Health and Safety

Global Protection Systems is committed to ensuring a safe workplace for its employees, sub-contractors and the public.

Click below to view Global Protection Systems Occupational Health and Safety Plan


Environmental Management

Global Protection Systems is committed to minimising the impact it has on the environment.

Procedures are put in place to ensure the environment is protected and staff are informed and trained on these procedures during induction and toolbox meetings.

Click below to view Global Protection Systems’ Occupational Environmental Management Plan


Quality Management

Global Protection Systems prides itself on the exceptional service it provides and the quality products it supplies.

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